Extended reach drilling (ERD) represents one of the industry's most impressive engineering accomplishments in terms of wellbore construction. As the recovery of oil and gas becomes more complex, these wells have pushed drilling engineering boundaries to new limits to meet the world's demands in the safest, most environmentally conscious and cost effective manner. Drilling ERD wells requires the latest innovations in drilling engineering principles; such wells are more interrelated and sensitive to smaller changes than conventional wells. An integrated approach for both planning and execution becomes more critical due to the high operational risks and all uncertainties must be properly assessed by solid engineering planning. In addition to that, it brings engineering challenges from many disciplines, which must be met and addressed for proper execution. Integration of drilling and real time evaluation allows engineers and geoscientists to take the proper drilling decisions and lead to reduce operational risk. It will also provide an accurate well placement; improve drilling efficiency and maximum recovery.

Well-1 & Well-2 were the latest ERD wells drilled in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) has drawn on extensive experience from numerous ERD Projects around the world, successful engineering tools and proper assessment for the several of challenges of those projects. In addition to the positive contribution from National Drilling Company (NDC) in providing all the necessities in terms of equipment and support which enabled the land rig to drill the well Well-1 to a total depth of 19,725 ft MD with a horizontal displacement (HD) of 10,131 ft. In addition, Well-2 was drilled to a total depth of 20,003 ft MD with a horizontal displacement of 10,303 ft, which was a bench mark record in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The numerous challenges faced on those two wells in terms of planning and the rich experience gained from successfully executing such wells are all highlighted in the attached paper.

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