During the last few years, it was realized that people get hurt because of their unsafe behaviors or improper attitudes and as attitudes are difficult to change and difficult to measure, behavior was our target to proffer the solution which is mainly to identify unsafe behaviour that leads to accidents and modify it or equally spot good behaviour and enforce it.

Therefore and in order to reduce accidents and improve safety performance, introducing an advanced behavioral safety audit program (BSA) on behavioral approach as a technique of working upstream of accident was introduced in Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO).

Behavioral Safety Audit (BSA) program has two fundamental principles, it focuses on behavior rather than attitude and it stresses encouragement rather than punishment. The implementation of this program had a huge impact by encouraging a safe HSE culture. BSA“focuses on what people do, analyzes why they do it, and then applies a strategy to improve what people do”. To be successful the program must include all employees from the Chief Eexecutive Officer to the technical staff. To achieve changes in behavior a change in policy, procedures and/or systems most assuredly will also need some change. Those changes cannot be done without buy-in and support from all involved in making those decisions.

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