In 1992 Qatar Petroleum signed an Exploration and Production agreement with Maersk Oil Qatar AS regarding the development of the Al Shaheen field offshore Qatar. Production commenced in 1994 via early production facilities, and by late 2005, when 18 permanent platforms had been installed through earlier field development plans, the Field Development Plan 2005 (FDP 2005) was initiated.

FDP 2005 required 15 additional platforms (with a total dry weight of 125,000 tonnes), 24 inter field pipelines (with a total installed length of 240 Kms) and 5 subsea power cables (with a total installed length of 50 Kms) to be installed and connected offshore with the existing platform facilities in full production and executing a 6 rig, 163 well drilling campaign at the same time. In addition to prepare the existing facilities for the integration with the new FDP 2005 facilities, approximately 4 Million man hours of Brownfield work was required. The overall offshore work was completed with a production “up time” of 99.7%, Remarkable.

Personnel safety and environmental protection are essential and constant considerations within Maersk Oil Qatar and therefore the safety performance of FDP 2005 was a source of great satisfaction; more than 55 Million construction man hours were expended on the project, both onshore and offshore, without any fatalities and with an achieved overall LTIF of less than 0.3.

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