Reservoir zonation in a prominent offshore Abu Dhabi oil-field has been investigated by means of seismic sequence stratigraphy. The field is producing from a Rudist reef complex where only discrete zones yield high production rates. An advanced seismic sequence stratigraphy study was conducted with the objective to refine the interpretation and understanding of the extent and thickness variation of the producing zones to optimize further development of the field.

This paper presents the methodology and results of a seismic sequence stratigraphic study using innovative technique for the extraction of chronostratigraphic relationships embedded in the seismic data. The underlying concept of the method used is that all stratigraphic events are detected and placed in stratigraphic order. These chronostratigraphic events or surfaces are generated at sub-seismic resolution and tracked throughout the seismic volume within the limits of user-determined bounding surfaces – picked horizons. The integrity of the results is supported by ties to wells and good consistence with a conceptual, traditionally accepted reef complex model.

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