Well integrity data is one of the most critical data types in oil production companies. Since this data is a valuable asset, ensuring its availability and reliability must be taken into consideration to avoid unsafe situations and potential catastrophic consequences. ZADCO has recognized this concern and thus makes continuous use of Information Technology to streamline its business processes.

This paper outlines the best practices for data management implemented by the Well Integrity Team to boost its business performance. These practices ensure achievement of effective and efficient business processes to cope with today's dynamic, fast-paced business environment. The deployment of Information Technology and its capabilities designed appropriately to serve the business, management and organizational needs result in robust Information Systems that achieve business objectives and save resources, effort and time.


ZADCO Well Integrity Team manages and maintains over 600 wells (producers and injectors) in Upper Zakum field (the 4th largest known field in the world), located offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. The team's work is crucial in achieving the company's mission: "To build optimal sustainable production". To ensure uninterrupted production, the integrity of wells must be maintained at all times. Therefore, an in-house 'Well Integrity Management System (WIMS)' was prepared in Y2004 to "define and provide the operating standards and guidelines for maintaining the well integrity parameters, ensuring safe well operations and securing well potential availability during its life cycle so that return on investment is maximized without sacrifice of safety and environment."

WIMS was reviewed in Y2007 by third party consultants to enhance and optimize the existing standards and procedures. To better manage the system, it was found necessary to acquire an Information System that facilitates and automates the Well Integrity Data Management based on WIMS standards and processes.

Zakum Field's Management

Being a super giant oil field that is still under development, management of Zakum Field poses a significant challenge to its operator. The constantly increasing number of wells adds to the complexity of the management process. Furthermore, as the wells and facilities age, new obstacles and challenges are encountered. Therefore, it is essential to set and implement robust practices and procedures that maintain the wells and provide guidance for quick and effective mitigation actions in case of well problems.

Initial Data Management System

Well Integrity (WI) data is very important and affects decisions made by WI Engineers and influences actions taken in the field, consequently determining the fate of wells.

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