When seeking to achieve excellence in HS&E performance it is crucial to understand the nature of human behaviour and what drives our behavioural choices. There are many influences over behaviour but none quite as significant as our expectation of what the consequences of our actions will be for us as individuals and our teams.

Behaviour is mainly a function of such consequences (B:f(C)) and understanding this means that we are able to significantly influence people's choice of behavior when it comes to risk taking. HS&E excellence in high performing safety cultures requires a thorough appreciation of this simple fact in order to sustain continuous improvement and provide the opportunity for zero accidents.

It is possible in fact to achieve 100% safety critical behaviours that become habitual practices in relatively short time periods. However this can only be achieved and sustained if we truly understand the consequence drivers for individual and group behaviours and how to use these to the advantage of HS&E performance. It is also essential to embrace all parties in this process so that contractors import safe behavioural practices into client organisations and this requires careful consideration at the contract negotiation stage.

It is possible through effective consequence and therefore behaviour management strategies to achieve zero accidents in any operational environment.

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