Increasing demand for energy has forced oil companies to resort to secondary and tertiary methods to increase the recovery from the existing reservoirs. In this paper, enhancing the recovery factor of one of Iranian reservoirs which is a naturally fractured reservoir was investigated. For this reservoir, it is estimated that 96.5 percent of oil is contained in the matrix and 3.5 percent in the fractures. The field is an undersaturated reservoir with no active gas cap and no strong water aquifer.

In this paper, injections of water, gas, water alternating gas (WAG), and infill wells on this field was investigated to increase the recovery factor. Eclipse100 was employed to simulate the reservoir. The simulated results showed that gas, water, and WAG injections had insignificance improvements on oil recovery. However, it was found that infill wells contribute an appreciable increase in recovery. The amount of increase for drilling five infill wells was around five percent.

Since development of existing resources contributes a major role on the supply of oil for the future oil market (around 45 percent by 2030), these results are used to screen the various methods for increasing the recovery of such reservoirs.

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