Beyond the craze for Digitization in the industry, there remains a lack of clarity on the concrete changes and value most companies are extracting from it. The recent market conditions, exacerbated by the current global pandemic, make this question more relevant than ever, as any new investment becomes ever more challenged.

McDermott have been at the forefront of the energy industry digitization, and over the past couple of years, they have ideated, developed, and implemented a novel data-driven Subsea Project delivery ecosystem. This cross-functional ecosystem leverages cloud technology and Python scripting to enhance and systemize processes, fundamentally tying back to the field architecture digital twin. The purpose of the paper is to communicate the main drivers at the origin of the initiative, to describe the current solution, including the associated risks (and mitigations) and the benefits that arise from its use as well as give the reader a sense of the more long-term vision.

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