There is a growing demand for Site-Specific Assessments of jack-ups, due to a trend of including an SSA in tender proposals and of optimization of the variable deck load and required preload. In addition, and as a result, there is a growing interest among rig owners to perform SSAs in-house. The Calypso computer program was developed to fulfill this demand.

Calypso enables automated analysis of jack-ups. The core of the program is a full implementation of the ISO 19905-1 standard of 2016. The graphical user interface enables any skilled offshore engineer to perform a Site-Specific Assessment. The jack-up engineering expert may interface deeply with the program through the Application Programming Interface (API). This allows performing customized calculations and inspection of all steps of the calculation process.

This paper summarizes the implementation details of the program. In addition, the graphical user interface is presented. Furthermore, a novel method for simulation of the dynamic response of a jack-up platform using frequency domain methods is introduced.

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