Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) already has great promise as a primary producer of electricity, but the real advantages off ORE are:

  • The amount of power per square kilometer

  • Access to an unlimited supply of water

  • Positive impacts on wildlife compared to onshore systems

  • Potential for ORE platforms to fulfill multiple functions

Recent advances in electrical separation of water into hydrogen, carbon capture from air, gas to liquids conversion, and floating ORE platforms open up an entirely new area for development. This paper details the technical requirements and economic and social benefits of large floating ORE platforms located far out to sea making either syngas or eco-fuels. Developing these systems decouples the platforms from a requirement to transmit power directly to shore and frees them to be located where the resources are best. The fuels made from these platforms will be carbon neutral if burned, and carbon negative if used for feedstock to the petrochemical industry.

Imagine instead of having to rebuild the entire transportation grid, we could convert to a carbon neutral renewable energy derived hydrocarbon? You can effectively fill up your 1965 Mustang with wind and wave energy, drive to the airport and fly to your destination in a jet powered by eco-fuel and know you did it with zero carbon load!

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