In-service inspection plays a critical role in the integrity management of mooring systems of floating production and drilling units, as mooring failures have been a big issue in the offshore industry in recent years. Inconveniently or unfortunately, these offshore mooring systems cannot be easily inspected. Best inspection practices are needed, as they can potentially prevent mooring incidents or pre-emptive replacements caused by degradation mechanisms, such as fatigue and corrosion. Other than the limited guidance provided in API RP-2I through its revision in 2008, there is not much information available on where, what, and how to inspect chain, wire ropes, polyester ropes, and connectors in an offshore mooring system. This paper elaborates on some best practices and recommendations regarding in-service mooring inspection that were learned from field experience and collected data. A documentation of best inspection practices may prove itself useful for operators, contractors, classification societies, and regulatory agencies. Not only may such documentation improve the integrity and reliability of mooring systems, it can also make inspection practices more efficient and effective.

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