Anchoring systems in deep-water Oil & Gas operations can be very challenging, considering the high loads usually applied and the soft soil to hold the anchor.

The development of offshore anchoring systems with Torpedo Pile is a technological application that can save time and cost during the mooring installation. With a very efficient holding capacity, and using the free-fall energy for its own installation, this technology is widely used in Brazil, by Petrobras. It is estimated that more than 2,000 torpedo piles were successfully installed in Brazil's shore. This Kind of Anchor is field proven, applied to FPSOs, Rigs, Steel Risers, Flexible flowlines and Umbilical cables anchor process, with a large range of holding capacity loads.

This paper presents the advantages to use this technology, considering the overall mooring installation process, and suggest different applications for torpedo piles.

Considering the nowadays increasing requirement for renewable energy, and the large potential for offshore wind power generation, this work brings the proposal to use the torpedo pile technology in the mooring design for the floating wind turbines. With the anchoring efficiency, in addition to the reduced installation time, torpedo pile can improve competitiveness in such a challenged market.

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