A Ship-shaped FPSO is one of most popular hull forms in oil and gas industry. The only alternative hull in operations with minor market shares is the cylindrical FPSO hull. In order to add contractual options and competitions to reduce field development costs, an innovative hull, eco-FPSO, is proposed and presented in this paper.

The proposed hull form shall make it possible to utilize the proven technologies and does not need any step-out applications, technologies and qualifications including equipment limitations, fabrication, transportation, installation, and health, safety and environmental (HSE) considerations.

The development philosophy is to focus on entire life cycle of the FPSO to reduce the CAPEX, OPEXand development risk. The proposed hull form shall meet the following criteria:

  • Simple hull geometry without any moving parts and/or mechanical jacking system

  • Without scarifying safety with similar ship-shaped FPSO topsides layout and having adequate deck area and separation spaces between topsides modules

  • No turret (Turretless) system and no thruster system

  • No need to disconnect and re-connect even in harsh environmental conditions

  • Low motions and accelerations for, SCRs, Sensitive topsides facilities and utilities

  • Conventional offloading operations

  • Efficient hull and topsides connection and loading transfer

  • Good constructability and easy for pre-assembled topsides modules

  • Good transportability and installability

Overview of an eco-FPSO hull is proposed and introduced and a case study with 1MM bbls oil storage in harsh environmental condition is described and highlighted. Preliminary analysis results of motions, moorings and risers are presented and discussed. Brief conclusions on the features of the eco-FPSO hull form are drawn.

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