Through a collaboration between ROWAN COMPANIES PLC, BP and 3DENT TECHNOLOGY LLC, a series of coming off location (CoL) studies were carried out to develop an approach for increasing the weather window during which operations can safely be performed. ROWAN's patent-pending technology (entitled "Multi-Stage Coming Off Location Technology") uses onboard instrumentation with the results of the CoL studies specific to a given jack-up to increase the weather window for CoL operations.

In its initial deployment, the technology uses a 3-Stage Approach. For the given site, with known water depth and expected leg penetrations, onboard instrumentation is used to obtain real-time wave and hull response information. Then, based on the results in sequential checks (STAGES), GO/NO-GO decisions are made, based on pre-determined limits.

In this paper, the authors present the background that lead to the 3-STAGE approach, key features for a valid CoL analysis and data from the initial (trial) deployments of the system for the calibration of the analytical models.

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