Classification Societies (CS) have accompanied Offshore Oil & Gas industry for decades to guarantee and enhance the safety of their installations through continuous improvement of design codes, standards, rules and methodologies. In today's environment, where the offshore industry business model is threatened, CS have joined the industry efforts to reduce development costs by proposing solutions to fight against cost escalation without compromising safety.

CS main role is to ensure compliance of projects with pre-defined set of rules, standards or specifications. As a guarantor of the safety, they have an in-depth understanding of the technical and regulatory challenges related to an offshore development and are regularly consulted on technical & economic questions. To accompany the Oil & Gas industry further, CS have extended their classic role related to safety and are now looking to propose integrated and collaborative solutions to assist the full supply chain in their cost reduction efforts. Standardization, integrated QA/QC, AIM are some of the key solutions investigated in this paper.

For almost 200 years, CS have brought their expertise to service the Marine and then the Offshore industry with impartiality. By publishing rules and participating in projects from concept stage to decommissioning, they have contributed to the sustainability of the industry through the continuous integration of industry experience and lessons learnt in order to ensure continuous improvement in asset operational safety and integrity. Cost efficiency is not only motivated by the current crisis, it is the new reality of the Oil & Gas industry. Future generations of Oil & Gas companies will have to develop their solutions on new bases and this paper aims at providing an outline of the key areas in which the Classification Societies can provide expert assistance in the cost reduction efforts.

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