The use of quick-release devices in mooring systems shortens disconnection times, allowing MODUs to leave locations in less time, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, being able to disconnect the moorings without AHV assistance eliminates the need for decking connections onto an anchor handling vessel or diving an ROV. This allows for the rig to be released safely in more strenuous weather conditions, correlating to a greater window to safely disconnect from a mooring system. In addition to normal disconnect operations, quick releases allow for swift departure from a field during an emergency.

Two classed and offshore-proven quick-release devices are available on the market. The Delmar Quick Release (DQR), an in-line mooring component developed by Delmar Systems, Inc., uses a simple mechanical release feature to release while a mooring line is still under tension. The Rig Anchor Release (RAR), an in-line mooring component developed by InterOcean Systems (an affiliate of Delmar Systems, Inc.), uses acoustics to release under tension.

This paper will present how the use of either release in a mooring system can both increase mooring system safety by allowing for rapid departure in the event of an emergency, as well as reducing regular disconnection times.

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