The underwater welding is the emerging technology of the present and the future. Many offshore platforms and ships need the underwater welding process during emergency. There exist many research institutes globally in developing techniques for underwater welding. A dire need for developing the underwater vehicle for welding processes in marine applications. The recent developments in the underwater vehicles have led to a revolutionary change in the design and system development for coastal surveillance, sea bed inspection and ocean bed exploration. This paper presents a review in implementation of a robot arm for an autonomous underwater welding vehicle. It deals with review of various underwater welding techniques for marine applications and structured such a manner all aspects of underwater welding process with robot manipulator as per the classification requirements. A brief review of its characteristics, applications and the risk mitigation factors of underwater welding techniques for marine applications. The end result is a model that provides accurate predictions for the joint torques of a two-link robot arm in a simple form implemented with algorithms for precision planning and control during underwater welding application.

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