Recent crude oil prices were dropped more than 50% and new norm price may be fluctuated around $40 to $80 per barrel in many years. In addition, metocean criteria have been increased significantly after Hurricane Katrina and Rita which have imposed considerable impacts on field development in GoM, prior to steep declination of crude oil prices. Under multifactorial pressures on economics of field development in deep water of central GoM, it imposes extraordinary difficulty in sanction of deep water projects and calls for innovative solutions to significantly reduce cost and meet challenges. This paper is intended to present one development scenario of TLP concept in response to the market calls.

One study scenario has been carried out based on same design basis and topsides payloads for conventional TLP (CTLP) and secondary column enhanced TLP (SCE-TLP) for central GoM in 4,000 ft water depth. Preliminary global performance analysis has been undertaken to ensure satisfaction of design criteria, such as extreme tendon tensions and minimum airgap, etc. In addition, a high level hull structural scantling of SCE-TLP was performed in order to yield reliable hull steel weight estimate. Preliminary comparison of deck/hull structure weights and tendon/foundation weights of CTLP and SCE-TLP is highlighted and major advantages of SCE-TLP are identified and discussed.

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