The present paper describes the design challenges of a wind wave hybrid power generation floating platform. The platform is a semi-type which consists of multi columns, pontoons, decks and brace members. The platform with a column span 150m is moored with chain catenary mooring lines at a water depth of 80m to produce power generated from wind and waves. The hybrid system is designed to produce a total of 10MW power from four wind turbines and twenty four wave energy converters (WECs). The platform design is based on industry standards and rules. The wind turbines are installed on four columns located at each corner of the platform while the WECs are placed at the peripheral locations between semi pontoon and deck. The WECs are vertically supported by frames and the vertical linear WEC generators are integrated inside the deck.

Design of the unconventional size of platform faces many design challenges in configuration of the system, structural design, wind turbine wake effects, constructability, loadout, WEC structures, multi-turbine and platform coupled response, mooring system design and power cable and such design challenges are discussed. Brief results of the motion responses, mooring analysis, structural analysis and power cable analysis are also described.

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