This paper will examine the progress to the understanding of fire water piping requirements on an FPSO and an FLNG and how FRP Piping can be used for this application. The issue here is the general lack of knowledge of the performance of FRP Piping under various fire conditions. The paper examines the role of the owners, engineering contractors, third party classification societies, yards and vendors to making this piping system in FRP work. Issues will include Owner's Specifications and International Standards, on piping materials selection and safety standards. The paper will examine how from a vendor's extensive database of fire testing of FRP pipes, a selection of materials can quickly be assembled to provide the necessary spools for testing to confirm acceptance. The paper will also examine what can potentially go wrong and the necessary mitigating factors to put in place to ensure a successful installation. It concludes with numerous examples of successful installations giving testament to the fact that conscientious effort from all stakeholders bears good results.

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