With decades of development, single point mooring (SPM) system has been widely adopted for FPSO applications from very shallow water to ultra deep water. The designing of the SPM system and its in place operation safety are becoming more and more challenging in terms of more harsh environments and improved operator requirements. In order to timely understand the operational conditions of FPSO and its SPM, further avoid any potential failure risk when experiencing hurricanes, an Integrated Monitoring and Advisory System (IMAS) has been designed for a FPSO with submerged soft yoke mooring system. The IMAS could monitor the environment conditions, FPSO and mooring system responses including the vessel motions, mooring tensions, tower vibrations and high voltage electrical swivel current, etc. In addition to the monitoring function, the IMAS could also efficiently predict the extreme mooring tensions and global performances with upcoming hurricane. The associated safety factors and advisory optimum loading condition shall be suggested to minimize the mooring loads and vessel motions. The system design technology and theoretic background of IMAS will be introduced in this paper.

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