In 2013 the Fincantieri Offshore Business Unit started the Concept Design process for a very innovative UDW Drillship with a r-evolutionary drilling designed by Castor Drilling Solution, a Norwegian company part of the Fincantieri galaxy.

One important feature of the innovative tower is the efficiency of the operations in terms of time saving and energy recovery, characteristics that are very attractive to a drilling operator.

Every tower on board can be associated with one dedicated firing line, which means that the dual activity function, typical of the modern UDW exploration vessels, foresees two independent towers, which can be positioned on board with a relative freedom in order to optimize other important characteristics such as the drillfloor area and its availability.

During the development of the design it was discovered that the increase of the distance between the two towers has a positive impact on the entire package: the platform and the drilling system.

However, the increased distance between the firing lines has a negative impact on the dimensions of the moonpool and, as a consequence, on the midship structure and the hydrodynamic effects.

What appeared to be a problem at the beginning, transformed itself into several opportunities during the development stage of the project.

The paper describes the process of integration of the innovative Tower with a drillship platform and its optimization with particular focus on structural and hydrodynamic aspects.

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