The development of an offshore wind facility is the topic of the paper to be presented.

Electrical power is required in remote areas of the world. This paper describes the means and methods which are employed to provide a 10.5 MW offshore wind facility and the details of the marine offshore equipment necessary to transport, install and maintain the facility efficiently in remote areas. This paper will describe the wind farm which we are constructing for use in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The future of wind power will be marine locations offshore the land situated to ensure that power can be produced near the usage point. This will allow for short power transmission lines and wind turbines located in offshore waters so that the land can be used for some commercial purposes.

The paper outlines the construction of the wind farm being manufactured in south Louisiana and transported to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The methods used to load-out and ship the equipment to the site, and the marine liftboat which will be employed for the installation and maintenance of the wind farm will be described. Due to the remote wind farm sites, the methods of installation will be "stand alone" and no assistance from the mainland will be required.

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