In view of the recent renewed interest and increase in Arctic oil and gas activities, it is essential to have in place all the necessary standards and regulations to govern the development of the contemplated Arctic structures, transportation, and related safety systems. The design criteria determine the actual safety factors which are set by the authorities as minimum requirements for permitting the development. The zero tolerance nature associated with the Arctic benign environment necessitates a high degree of conservatism and strong political will to achieve the desired outcome of safe, reliable, and economically viable development that satisfies all stakeholders' requirements. This paper presents a high level status perspective of the current standards and regulations with regards to the definition of the design criteria for an Arctic development structure.

The paper discusses recently proposed concepts for Arctic drilling and production structures including new design features to enhance their response characteristics to the ice loading and environmental conditions. The presented work is based on the ISO 19906 standards published in December 2010 and covers Arctic fixed and floating installations.

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