A methodology has been developed for the dynamic analysis of an offshore wind turbine (OWT) with a jacket support structure. FAST, a dynamic simulation tool for wind turbines developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and ANSYS, a general purpose structural analysis software, are employed as the primary analysis programs. An equivalent monopile for the jacket support structure of the OWT is first developed by taking into account the static and dynamic properties of the actual support structure. The equivalent monopile is then used as an input to the FAST program for aero-servo-hydro-elastic simulation to calculate global loads on the support structure. The calculated loads, which include inertial loads due to the elasticity of the support structure subjected to both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic loads, are applied through a load mapping scheme to the ANSYS finite element model of the jacket support structure for detailed structural response analysis. The results are compared with available published results for verification. It shows that the developed dynamic analysis methodology achieves an appreciable agreement with reference results. The proposed methodology can be applied to other types of bottom-founded support structures, and it can expedite the design process of OWT under multiple loading conditions.

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