This paper describes the history of human powered submarines designed, built, and raced by ocean engineering students at Texas A&M University. The first submarine was the Aggie Ray that participated in the 1991 ocean races at Riviera Beach in Florida. These submarines are flooded, and the pilot and driver are equipped with SCUBA while operating the submarine during the races. Texas A&M Ocean Engineering students have built 5 different hulls, including one- and two-person configurations, during the period 1991–2012 and some hulls have been used in 4–5 races. The first European International Submarine Race competition was held in Gosport, England in June 2012, and the Texas A&M submarine, Maroon Harpoon, experiences are discussed. The 2013 races are scheduled for the David Taylor Model Basin in Bethesda, MD. The Ocean Engineering students are planning to design and build a two-person submarine which allows two persons to power the submarine. Recent computational fluid dynamics software has been used to assist in designing the hull shape and the results are described. The annual costs of building and participating in the races borne by the team sponsors are described.

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