Floating offshore wind turbines may become a vital choice for harnessing wind power in relatively deep water. Since the turbine may interact with the supporting floating hull, a coupled dynamic analysis is required to understand and quantify the interactions between the wind turbine, floating hull and its mooring system for the design. A numerical code, known as COUPLE, has been extended to collaborate with FAST for the simulation of the dynamic interaction. COUPLE was originally developed for the computation of the interaction between a floating structure and its mooring/tendon/riser system in time domain. FAST was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for computing the wind loads on a wind turbine. A 5MW wind turbine installed on the top of a classical Spar (Hywind-OC3 Spar) is employed to demonstrate the simulation. The numerical results derived in this study may provide crucial information for the design of a floating wind turbine in the future.

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