New build Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs) are traditionally shaped like a shoe box with flared bow to simplify the construction, while taking advantage of existing knowledge from sailing vessels and tankers. In harsher environments these floaters require a turret to rotate into the direction of the main environment. The need for an expensive turret can be eliminated with a circular shaped floater, which also requires less steel per storage capacity. SSP Offshore Inc developed two of these floaters, the SSP and the SSP PLUS. Both units were model tested at LabOceano in Brazil to confirm the calculated motion response and mooring loads.

This paper discusses the specific advantages of both platforms and presents the numerical and experimental models prepared for motion evaluation. The test results demonstrate the importance of second order effects for the pitch motions and confirm the ability to use the SSP PLUS with dry tree risers in Brazilian conditions.

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