The "Rho-Cee" (ρC) Wave Energy Converter (WEC) system is subtitled "The Impedance- Matched Terminator". It is a large, floating Oscillating Water Column (OWC) system, to be moored in deep water. The name "Rho-Cee" derives from the expression for the characteristic impedance of water gravity waves; the product of water mass density, ρ, with the length dependent velocity of such waves, C. It is the base principle of the WEC design that its input impedance matches the characteristic impedance of the targeted waves. Impedance matching maximizes the capture of wave energy; with minimum reflection. The original means for extracting power is via unidirectional reaction turbines, driving alternators. Oscillating air flow is between the OWCs and atmosphere; rectified at the turbines. This is more efficient than the commonly used, bi-directional "Wells turbine".

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