This paper introduces an alternate floating production platform concept for exploration and production of oil and gas in ultra deep water. The developmental effort has been supported by the ABB in-house research and development budget.

This alternate production unit is an enhanced version of an existing ABB Single Column Floater (SCF) concept. This concept is (i.e., production facility, deck and hull) envisioned to be completely assembled at quayside, towed to location, and be installed vertically to a target draft without the assistance of a derrick barge or semi-submersible crane vessel. This self-installing feature reduces the uncertainty of the duration of the offshore operation significantly, thereby reducing the risk of weather delays during installation, hook-up and commissioning offshore. This reduces the field development duration and brings forward the date of first oil.

This alternate hull consists of four major components i.e., hard tank, soft tank, permanent-stability ring, and support posts. During its offshore installation, the support posts are used to guide the stability ring to stay on the water surface so that the needed stability is provided throughout the installation operation. The concept combines the advantages of a spar and a semisubmersible vessel.

The paper will describe this concept, and will outline the fabrication to installation scenario. The principal dimensions of a typical platform for a given payload will also be presented. Model test results of stability and motion responses in waves representing a certain

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