LNG imports into the US are expected to increase rapidly over the coming years, and the gas industry is preparing itself for developing LNG import and processing facilities [Ref.1]. SBM has developed new floating re-gasification concepts for LNG imports. The Floating (Storage) Regasification Unit [F(S)RU] utilizes a ship shaped floating structure as the LNG receiving, regasification, (storage) and export terminal. The F(S)RUTM is permanently turret moored, receives LNG from shuttle LNG-carriers and vaporizes the LNG for export.

The paper deals the FRUTM concept and addresses how the various main technical issues have been addressed and solved. The system configuration of vessel, turret, mooring and risers are described in detail. Various re-gasification options are explored, and in particular, the mooring and riser system design, and side-by-side LNG offloading to achieve sufficient uptime are presented.

The paper concludes that the FRU is a technically viable and economically competitive system for fulfilling the requirement of LNG import.

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