This paper/presentation will address the novel LNG containment system developed by Ocean LNG Inc. The tank system utilizes cylindrical tanks with shaped ends and is designed according to IMO IGC Independent Tank Type B. It is unique in the way it maximizes the void spaces in the ships hull with full access around the tank for inspections from the outside of both insulations and tank structures. Comparing to the well known spherical LNG tank containment system, the Ocean LNG tank system will have about 25% more cargo capacity within the same main hull dimensions as the a ship hull utilizing spherical tanks.

The paper/presentation will focus on Ocean LNG's 180,000 m3 LNG carrier with 5 cylindrical tanks for carrying LNG cargo addressing the various engineering development performed over the last 1.5 years. The paper/presentation will also illustrate comparison of the various LNG tank containment systems available in the marked today.

The Ocean LNG system has recently received Approval in Principle from ABS and a complete sloshing analysis/evaluation is currently being performed by ABS for a specific client. The study will be finished in time and these results will be presented at the time of the Symposium in November.

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