Al - Mg alloys are extensively used as structural materials in marine applications. Sensitization has emerged as a severe concern during the operation of aluminum vessels, due to the consequent high susceptibility to Intergranular Corrosion - IGC. Herein, a detailed study of sensitization on naturally sensitized, field retrieved, Al-Mg alloy samples, is presented. Specifically, samples from four Hellenic Navy - HN high speed vessels were tested according to ASTM G67 in order to quantify their Degree of Sensitization - DoS and qualified, in terms of grain boundaries (GBs) coverage with β phase with microstructural observation using Scanning Electron Microscopy - SEM and light optical microscopy. Consequently, the correlation of DoS value to the external factors that affect it becomes possible. Remarkably, material under investigation has significantly diverse chemical composition, compared to common marine grade aluminum alloys. Ultimately, correlation of Stress Corrosion Cracking behavior with the microstructure is discussed.

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