A ship is a complex system that utilizes multiple mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems during its operation. All these systems can generate noise and vibration, which if not properly addressed during design and construction may cause passenger and crew discomfort, safety issues related to degradation in voice communications, and even structural damage. The noise and vibration generated by a ship is a direct reflection of the quality of the design and construction of the vessel; lower noise and vibration environments will improve passenger experiences, improve quality of life and retention of the crew, and increase mission effectiveness. However, a vessel’s noise and vibration do not need to be left to chance. Engineering tools and processes can be used throughout the vessel’s design and construction which will produce a vessel with low noise and vibration.

This paper presents a case study of the three new Staten Island OLLIS Class Ferries built by Eastern Shipbuilding Group. Pertinent details of the acoustic design and support efforts performed during Detail Design, construction, and delivery are provided. Early in the Detail Design phase, predictions were performed that identified several potential issues with meeting the desired noise and vibration goals. Various efforts were performed to identify appropriate means for mitigation using computer aided design tools. Solutions were developed to allow the vessel to meet its acoustic objectives, though it was known that noise and vibration would be very close to the limits. Various efforts were also performed during construction and compliance testing at sea trials to help the vessel meet its objectives, including ‘tuning’ of the propulsion system and the identification of an odd bearing issue that caused elevated noise. This paper describes the modeling, design, construction support, and testing efforts that were performed, along with details of the primary issues that were identified and solutions.

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