In the current work, a new error evaluation methodology is introduced based on error analysis in ship production with reverse engineering data. The aim is to determine the errors and prevent or reduce the occurrence in other projects. First step is to compose a database of the errors; then, group the similar errors and calculate the Error Priority Number (EPN) by the evaluation of the predetermined criteria. The radar diagrams, which are suitable for representing a number of parameters having the same variables, were used to present the error groups in a simple way. The error groups were created on the diagram with the scores taken from the specific criteria. With the aid of the radar diagram, valuable information is given by presenting similarities and dissimilarities of these errors with other error groups. After examining the radar diagrams and evaluating the results, the cause and effect diagrams were prepared for these error groups from the field experts. Thus, the methodology should be customized for the shipyard to ensure maximum efficiency.

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