The United States Army operates several classes of landing craft, which provide combatant commanders with waterborne maneuver capabilities essential for accomplishing a range of critical missions unique to the Army. These missions involve transport of personnel, cargo, and equipment from advanced bases and large sealift ships to ports, inland riverine regions, as well as remote undeveloped coastlines and beaches. Recognizing the significant roles these vessels play and will continue to play in achieving Army objectives, Army leadership allocated funding to design and build a new class of high performance landing craft: Maneuver Support Vessel (Light) (MSV(L)). The primary mission of MSV(L) is to conduct movement and maneuver of combat-configured Brigade Combat Team force elements such as one M1A2 main battle tank, or two Stryker vehicles, or four Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, each with its crew. MSV(L) will have beaching capability and be able to operate at speeds significantly in excess of any current Army landing craft. The Army Watercraft Systems organization was tasked with overseeing development of requirements and specifications, source selection and acquisition, along with contract, finance, and engineering management of the MSV(L) Program. A contract to develop the detailed design and build a series of vessels was awarded in September 2017. Launch of the initial vessel is planned during the fourth quarter of 2021.

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