This paper presents the application of marine Molten Salt Reactors (m-MSR), as a means to decarbonize shipping as per IMO 2050 goals. m-MSRs are compared to other propulsion and powering alternatives for a VLCC, a Capesize bulker and Ultra Large Container Ship by modeling CAPEX and total life cycle OPEX, emissions and externalities. The CORE-POWER study concludes that m-MSRs are the most sustainable and economic option for shipping decarbonization as they allow for safe (low total life cycle, externalities and risk), abundant electric power (high reliability, high availability, power on demand), and at low cost (not only in respect to private costs but also in respect of usage or resources). Development of m-MSR technology is on-going and the first m-MSR powered vessel is planned for launch by 2030.

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