The effect of moonpool geometry on a ship hull's calm water resistance was investigated numerically using fully viscous CFD simulations with 2D and 3D computational domains. Simulations were performed using a Series 60 hull form with a block coefficient of 0.65 as the base case. The effect of changing the cross-sectional shape of the moonpool recess was examined by comparing the predicted resistance of the original hull with the result of the model fitted with various moonpool configurations. The kinematics of the separated flow within the moonpool and downstream of the underside of the moonpool recess revealed a relationship between the length of the recess and added resistance. Additionally, the impact of varying the recess height was investigated by comparing the free surface elevations between simulations. It was determined that shallower recesses increased the amplitude of the moonpool wave motions and therefore the overall vessel resistance. It was also determined that 3D effects were necessary to adequately capture moonpool hydrodynamics.

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