This paper presents the implementation of low cost, flexible automation for small to medium scale shipyards. A flexible automation program is a form of lean manufacturing technology hailed as a remedy for the demand of product variety. There have been many applications of automation in the shipbuilding industry. However, usage of such technology on small to medium shipyards are still yet to be implemented this far. The paper showcases the versatility of flexible automation regarding the variance of product types and the potential benefits through an increase in productivity, quality, and reducing operational cost. Small to medium shipyards could gain from the accomplishment of the low cost, flexible automation showcase through simulation. The affordable, flexible automation will also offer flexibility on market demands. A feasibility study will be presented to show the tangible and intangible benefits of flexible automation for small to medium shipyards. The paper includes realistic data of the workforce and person-hours comparison study about productivity and quality. A cost-saving projection will also be presented in this feasibility study. All tables and charts developed in this paper are based on information gathered from a shipyard. The FlexSim software is used for simulation with realistic cases and conditions put into test. The simulation will present a holistic view of the entire automated process for the production of different components.

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