The SNAME OpenCalc System is built upon an open source framework that allows for the creation of long-lasting and reusable calculations that can be combined in many ways to create completely new solutions by naval architects, not programmers. Flexible calculation tools are created by splitting traditional interactive program applications ("apps") into three separately developed and tested objects: calculation engine (CE) batch programs, open source and industry standard (XML) data files, and open source user interface frameworks (UIF) that work with any CE without programming. A working prototype system has gone through two revisions and a third is now presented as a formal release. The SNAME OpenCalc System offers a new programming structure that returns creative control and flexibility to subject matter experts (SMEs) and users. It can create solutions not possible without access to all source code and expensive custom programming. This is critically important in fields like naval architecture, where small market size and demand have not created lasting, flexible, and cost-effective computer solutions and design tools.

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