Elastic properties of swage panels for in-plane deformation, bending, and twisting are presented. Two separate scales for establishing the effective properties are addressed, the first treating only the curved swage portion and the second the representative segments for uniformly spaced swage alignments. From approximate analytical expressions, the geometry and elastic properties of equivalent orthotropic laminated flat plates are established by matching the compliances of the swage panel with those of the laminated plate. Five-ply laminate models are developed with directionally dependent elastic modulii, shear modulii and Poisson's ratios for each laminate layer. Finite element results for models using the actual geometry of the steel panels and for models of the effective flat laminates are presented and compared. Results show that the analytical expressions compare very well with the finite element results for both the actual geometry and the laminated flat plates.

The laminate models then allow for the use of plate theory equations for assessing swage panel strength and stiffness which is particularly useful for large-scale finite element modeling of the panels. Thus the need for modeling the detailed, fine-scale swage shell geometry in finite element analyses for whole-ship structural analyses can be avoided.

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