In 2016 St Johns Ship Building (SJSB) went through the painstaking process of implementing a site-wide, enterprise software system. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system purchased by SJSB is called Infor VISUAL and like many, it integrates all shipyard functions for supply chain management, purchase orders, internal workorder, payroll, automated HR tools, production planning, integrated resource planning, and global financial management. The transition to an ERP represents a major adjustment for all personnel and it is challenging in any environment, but in an organization which is rarely exposed to cultural change, lacking in effective inter-departmental communication, and having only a scant few computer-literate personnel, the task was exceptionally daunting. The implementation of the software affected the entire St John's workforce, impacting the daily routine of each and every employee at one or more stages of the implementation cycle. This presentation will tell the story of the decision-making processes and how the organization adjusted, managed the project milestones, and ultimately celebrated a satisfactory first-phase implementation within one month of the original target date. We will share the lessons learned, reflect on what could have been done differently and reveal our vision of next steps.

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