Autonomous Vessels are pushing the well-defined boundaries of ship design and a fully considered method for approaching these designs has not yet been established. The Maribot Vane project is a research project that began in November 2016, and has been investigating innovative solutions to creating an autonomous sailing vessel capable of spending long periods of time deployed in any ocean area. The project has developed a working test platform around a pre-existing hull, and has progressively made modifications to the platform to improve the vessels operating capabilities. After completing extensive testing in the Stockholm archipelago, it became apparent that the vessel would benefit from a custom hull. Certain handling and sea keeping characteristics that differ from a conventionally rigged sailboat have been discovered including roll from undamped rotation of the wing, and minimal yaw contributions from the wing. These unique characteristics change the fundamental hull form characteristics that are needed for the vessels operation. The new design proposed herein takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the free rotating wing, which has been developed for low power propulsion.

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