This paper describes an architecture and implementation of a system offering Remote Diagnostic Services (RDS). An RDS for marine use is a distributed system for cloud-based maintenance, asset-related, and engineering troubleshooting data collection and analysis aboard ships at sea. It allows safe and secure global access to key indicators of function, serviceability, and asset-worthiness for onboard systems, primarily electrical ones. This allows remote servicing and continued operation of vessels based on predictive and just-in-time maintenance, and facilitates their overall sea-worthiness and uptime / availability. An RDS thereby allows for a pervasive, intelligent, and adaptive monitoring of the critical electrical ship assets. Such capabilities, accessible from the cloud to both on-board, and on-shore, when put together with next-generation automation systems, as well as highly automated electrical machines, both rotational and solid-state, allow for the design, engineering, commissioning and operations of Intelligent Ships of the next generation.

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