The rise of digital documentation has given the marine industry the ability to capture more information than ever about the ships and facilities we produce and operate. While this should make management of these assets more effective, the ease in which information can be created often means that we find ourselves unable to find the information we're searching for. As constituent engineering systems become more complex, integrated and autonomous the need to retain documentation that describes operation becomes necessary for efficient maintenance and resolving unforeseen situations. Digital Twin's address this challenge by retaining and publishing documentation, but a key principle is the efficient means to find data to ensure relevance and reduced searching time.

For several years, AVEVA has been exploiting the opportunity to link asset documentation together using contextual themes to create a connected dataset which allows quick identification of critical and related information. This has resulted in several Digital Twin interfaces that deploy information into different scenarios and devices, from handheld personal devices to large format screens for team decision support. Using these tools our customers can maintain their vessel, expose trends in data and provide insight into ways their asset may be changing over time.

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