In 2004 International Maritime organization (IMO) mandated ballast water treatment system for all ballasting ships worldwide to prevent devastating economical and environmental damage to ports and harbor waters and connected waterways. The role for a shore based ballast water treatment (BWT) system now considered in this paper for, not as a replacement of IMO mandate for all ballasting ships, but for reasons of:

  • Ship-board BWT systems temporarily in need of a functional BWT system will have an access to shore based facility to avoid fines and lost revenue,

  • participating shore-side entity, including states, could define and control the effectiveness of treatment, and

  • access to a shore based BWT facility for aging ships to discharge their ballast water - these aging vessels are not economically viable candidates for a retrofit ship-board BWT system This paper will discuss the role that shore based BWT system(s) can play in the implementation of IMO mandate in selective cases, will review design requirement of shore based ballast water system, will review the results of existing studies of shore based ballast water treatment system and provide recommendation based on the review.

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