A new cutting process has been developed which uses a hybrid concept. A portable induction coil is operated ahead of an oxygen lance, and heats the surfaces of the metal to the auto ignition temperature, or above. Because of the high power of the induction system it can maintain the surface temperature at very high speeds. A mobile robot system is being developed for use in cutting the hull of submarines, which are decommissioned, for recycle. The process operates at speeds much faster than the speed of conventional Oxy-fuel cutting. This will increase productivity and significantly reduce, or eliminate the fumes because there is much less time for conduction into the surrounding material. A mobile robot system using flexible automation will reach both sides of the hull from one position to make the cuts. This system is also being designed to quickly make hull penetrations for maintenance. It can also be mounted on a small mobile robot "crawler" with magnetic treads to cut decks and bulkheads.

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