When developing the initial weight estimate for a new vessel, the weight engineer or naval architect can produce his or her estimate either by scaling from a known, similar vessel, or by taking the weights of each portion of the vessel from parametric equations or by some combination of these two methods. The preferred source of a parent vessel to scale from or the data from which a parametric equation is derived is the past vessels designed by the naval architect's own firm; however, sometimes the firm may not have suitable designs in its portfolio to base a new design weight estimate upon. This paper seeks to collect as many previously published parametric weight equations for as wide a collection of vessel types as possible in order to provide a convenient reference for the times the naval architect's own data is insufficient to complete a weight estimate.

This paper is not intended to be the definitive source of parametric weight equations, rather, the goal is to collect a critical mass of equations across the range of vessel types to start the conversation on the relative merits of the various equations and hopefully elicit new up-to-date equations from others. Ideally discussers will add equations based on their own data in addition to discussing the merits of those collected here. The end goal is the production of a T&R Bulletin, however much additional validation, updating and discussion is required to take the current paper to the point where it could be considered as a draft for such a bulletin.

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