The ship's movement in different degrees of freedom is described by the equations of motion, which are traditionally used in a wide range of mathematical models. Information about the hydrodynamic forces and moments acting on the hull is commonly provided within the set of data resulting from the experimental model investigations, or generalized by empirical and semi-empirical approaches. Considering the particular and complex problem of hydrodynamic ship to ship interaction, obtaining the forces and moments data is a significant part of the overall solution. Known experimental methods for such a study are relatively time consuming because of the large amount of possible geometric configurations like type of ship model, geometrical case conditions, ship speeds, etc. At the same time, numerical modeling based on the RANS methods presents the less researched, but promising group of methods, allowing to simplify the investigation procedures and to decrease the study time up to certain limits. This paper presents the results of systematic computations for the overtaking maneuver, during which the ship's behavior is strongly affected by the hydrodynamic interaction. Investigated are several combinations of the influencing parameters, being the relative positions of the ships and the Froude numbers. As a result, the mathematical model predicting the hydrodynamic forces and moment during the overtaking maneuver is suggested. This model can be used for preliminary ship design, general ship handling bridge simulators and the training of ship operators.

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