The recent adoption in 2013 of the IMO Energy Efficiency Design Index(EEDI) and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) has resulted in a renewed interest to reduce overall ship fuel consumption and emissions. In spite of a number of benefits, the Flettner rotor has not yet been widely used. As a contribution to wider adoption of the Flettner rotor, the authors present the results of a recently completed study that examined why the Flettner rotor has not been adopted. We identified two problems- 1. Complexity in the rotor-ship matching calculation. and 2. Lack of a Flettner rotor output rating. After a brief discussion, the Flettner Rotor Ship Matching calculation is presented. It has been developed to enable a preliminary design of the ship with Flettner rotor(s). Using this methodology, it is also possible to examine the benefits of wind routing for maximum rotor output.

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